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Located along the bank of East Lake and at the foot of Luojia Mountain, Wuhan University is honored as the most beautiful university in China, especially for its cherry blossom garden in the spring. The university is heavily wooded and green, with fragrant flowers everywhere year-round. The beautiful natural scenery, together with the ancient style buildings, forms a beautiful, peaceful and pleasant campus.

Wuhan University boasts a campus covering an area of 373 million square meters. There are numbers of large well-equipped teaching buildings, laboratories, libraries, gymnasiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, and a specimen building.

Wuhan University Library is the largest University library of courtyard style in China. Due to its huge collection and excellent web information service platform, the library of Wuhan University has become a place where students can choose freely from books, immerse themselves in the knowledge of all subjects, and access all kinds of information.